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A Few Ways To Rope Pull

A man using the Pendulum Adjustable Rack Rope Pull

Pendulum Rope Pull
Add The Pendulum Rope Pull To Your Rack System

Time the speed of pulling the rope from one end to the other.

Timed team rope pulling competition .

Increase the resistance of the rope pull periodically.

Increase the number of repetitions of rope pulls for a given resistance.

Change the height of the rope pull, up or down the Pendulum Rack.

Apply a gripping rule of how the rope should be pulled ex. number of fingers allowed to touch the rope.

Pull the rope allowing only one arm to pull.

Do a rope pull before a specific exercise, followed by the rope pull after the exercise is completed.

Pull the rope using a curling type motion.

Pull the rope using a curling motion followed by a rowing motion.

Pull the rope in an overhead motion.

Pull the rope laying down on your back.

Pull the rope standing by rotating the torso.

The number of methods are endless.

An endless way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Rope Pull
Pendulum Adjustable Rack Rope Pull


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