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A Hard Hand

Hard Hand Routine                                                                                   

“………. for there’s no better sign of a brave mind than a hard hand.”    William Shakespeare’s, Henry VI 

Doug Scott is the Head Strength Coach at the Pingry School in New Jersey, he explains his Hard Hand Routine.

Grip Strength Exercise

Strength training is a part of our culture. You would be hard pressed to find someone who would disagree with the health and fitness benefits associated with it.  However, most of the popular press centers in improving the strength of the “major” muscle groups such as: chest, shoulders, back, legs, and midsection.

While getting these muscle groups stronger is certainly important, there is one area that is just as important and receives virtually no attention in mainstream media. Consequently it receives virtually no attention in most peoples workouts.

Hand Strength

When your hands are strong, you are strong.  In athletics, the hands grab the stick, bat, or ball.  In contact sports like football and wrestling your opponent knows how strong you are by your grip, not your bench press.  When your hands get stronger you can pick up heavier things, therefore, all other muscle groups will get stronger

Socially, when you shake someone’s hand, a strong hand shake relays confidence and dependability.  If you’re walking and holding your significant others hand it relays a sense security and protection…. Be ‘brave’ and get a ‘hard hand’….Get Strong!

Grip Strength Exercise

Hard Hand Routine
Pendulum Gripper x 10 reps
Wrist Curl x 15 reps
Reverse Wrist Curl x 15 reps
Finger Walking x 2 reps
Pendulum Gripper negative reps x 5-7

Pendulum Grip Machine

Negative Only Grip Training On The Pendulum Grip Pro


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