If You Don't Train, It Can Be A Pain In The Neck                                                                        

It is speculated that a 10 pound head leaning forward 3 inches adds about 30 pounds of gravitational force to the cervical spine.  Neck muscles in the upright human are not strong enough to protect the cervical spine against a continual perpetual load of a forward head lean due to the increased use of modern technology.

Dr. Alton Barron, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, on CBS News, indicated that our smartphones are causing neck and back pain, because of our postural lean in using these devices.  "We are straining our muscles both in our necks and our upper backs and our shoulders to accommodate for this position," Barron said, on the CBS show.

Make no mistake about it there is a global epidemic.  This has led Dr. Dean L. Fishman, a chiropractor, to coin the word 'Text Neck'  after he noticed 90 percent of his patients coming in with the same torso complaints.

There are more than six billion cell phones iPods, iPads, Kindles, a sundry of tablets, computers and other devices we rely on daily.  The posture of our society is changing, 110 billion text messages in the USA can't be wrong. The longer people use mobile devices, cell phones and other electronic gadgets with keyboards to communicate the more of a pain in their neck and back it will be to the community.

describe the imageThe suboccipital muscle group extends the head about 25 degrees and is comprised of eight muscles, one set of four on either side just below your skull.  Keeping these groups strong is critical in a modern training program.  Endurance in this area is necessary to protect the cervical spine that is being compromised by the electronics of our culture.


Placing the selector pin in the fourth hole of the Pendulum cam and exercising in this short effective motion will isolate the suboccipital triangle and go a long way in protecting the neck and back when you Get these muscles Strong.




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