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A Partial Drop For Gains

People working out with the Pendulum 3-Way Row

Set Extension Technology – With Range Limiting Capabilities

In the 1940’s Body Culture Magazine published an article about what was described as the multi-poundage system of weight training, The lifter was to take a given weight, train until fatigued and immediately reduce the load. Once the load was reduced, train again until exhaustion and  continue this process of dropping weight as many times as desired.

Over the years the method of multi-pondage has taken on multi-names and multi-methods; drop sets, descending sets, running the rack, running the stack, burnouts, strip sets, break downs and more.

Another way of doing a drop set is through a partial range of motion. Changing the range of motion gives the lifter a leverage advantage, which allows an athlete to continue moving the same load without removing any weight from the exercise device.

There are numerous current studies that show the positive effects of drop sets with resistance training on increases in muscle cross- sectional area, strength and a reduced overall workout time. Rogers Athletic and Pendulum incorporate the drop set partial movement experience right into their exercise machines with – ‘Set Extension Technology’ – equipped with range limiting capabilities.

A Partial Drop in Range of Motion can Give You Gains in less Time
Pendulum 3-Way Row



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