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A Pause In Training

A man using a pendulum neck machine

The head and neck muscular system is a complex anatomical structure and has apparent muscle redundancy: that is, more head and neck muscle than degrees of freedom. Individuals exhibit a large variation of neck muscle activation strategies for accomplishing the same task intraindividual, as well as, between subjects. The neck having more than 25 muscle pairs with multi-joint insertions and complex lines of action, it is important to adjust training methodology to maximize growth in this region.

To engage as much tissue that can be involved in a neck training movement, pause contracted at least 2 seconds at the top of each repetition and ease out of this position during the lowering phase. As you reach fatigue the musculature that can assist in the motion will become heavily supportive in the action improving overall growth.

Pausing at the top and easing into the return is a key in maximally developing and Getting the neck Strong.

Pausing during Neck Flexion on the Pendulum 5-Way Neck



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