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A Program That Is Hip

Targeting The Hips

Doug Scott is the Head Strength Coach at the Pingry School in New Jersey, he explains how he targets a specific area of the body.

The muscles that extend as well as abduct and adduct the femur (thigh bone) at the hip joint are very important in both protecting the athlete and improving performance.



There are three gluteal muscles:  The Gluteus maximus, which is the largest of the three, and one of the strongest muscles in the body.  The Gluteus medius is located deep within the Gluteus maximus and is a powerful abductor of the femur and the Gluteus minimus is the smallest of the gluteal muscles and lies deep within the gluteus medius.

Why important?

Getting the Gluteal muscles strong will help stabilize the hip, as well as, the knee and to some extent the lumber spine.  Also, the power potential is very high, which leads to more explosive and dynamic movements, if properly trained.

The Workout

Pendulum Hip Press
Hip and Back
Hip Abduction
Hip Adduction
Pendulum Squat
Sets and reps can vary,  but effort and accountability must remain high and you will Get Strong!


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