Pendulum Landmine Rack Attachment
Pendulum Rotary Core Developer

The shoulder’s deltoid is considered a primary motor muscle for many upper body strength movements. Anatomically it is subdivided into anterior, medial and posterior portions. When the shoulder abducts the medial deltoid, anterior and posterior are active. Shoulder flexion and horizontal adduction turns on the anterior portion of the deltoid, during movement. Shoulder extension and horizontal abduction are posterior deltoid muscle activators.

The shoulder press has a higher level of muscle activation in the anterior and medial deltoid when it is compared to exercises like the bench press and dumbbell flys. This  makes inclusion of pressing movements an important part of upper body training.

Placing an Olympic Bar in the ‘landmine type’ Pendulum Rotary Core Developer allows the lifter to do a variety of movements that isolate and maximize targeted portions of the upper torso.

Pendulum Landmine Rack Attachment
Rack Attachment used to Get Strong