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A Simple Program

Simply Tough

* The following is one continuous workout. It is to be done 3 days per week for 5 straight weeks

* The goal is to reduce the total time

* It requires a stop watch to record each rest interval and a stop watch to record the total time.  Some stop watches are able to do both.  You must be accurate.

* Bring a water bottle

* You will need a T-shirt

* You will need 5 objects to be your ‘cones’

Warm Up Thoroughly

Start Your Watch to Record Total Time!

8 Sprints

Run 8, 40 yard sprints with exactly 25 seconds rest between each. Once you cross the finish line begin walking to the next sprint and get set with 5 seconds to go.


-1 minute rest –

Short Shuttle – Start in the middle of a 10 yard distance with one hand touching the ground.  Push off with the dominant leg in the opposite direction for 5 yards and touch the line with your hand.  Reverse and go 10 yards in the opposite direction and once again touch the line with your hand. Then reverse direction and run ending the drill sprinting through the starting point.

4 full speed shuttles with exactly 25 seconds rest  between each


– 1 minute rest –

L Drill Three objects are in a L-shape, 5 yards apart. From the starting line, sprint 5 yards to the first cone and back. Turn and run around the second cone, run a weave around the third cone, which is the high point of the L, changes directions and run back around the second cone and finish.

4 drills, 2 right and 2 left with 30 seconds rest between drills


– 1 minute rest –

Long Shuttle – From the starting line, run 5 yards and back, then 10 yards and back, then 15 yards and back.  Bend down and touch the line at each 5-, 10- and 15-yard interval, for a total of six touches.

4 shuttles with 40 seconds rest between each


-1 minute rest –

 5 Yard Drill –

Sprint full speed 5 yds and back for 30 seconds, your foot never misses a line  – rest 30 seconds

Carioca full speed 5 yds and back for 30 seconds, your foot never misses a line – rest 30 seconds

Shuffle full speed 5 yards and back for 30 seconds, your foot never misses a line  – rest 30 seconds

Backpedal full speed 5 yards and back for 30 seconds, your foot never missing a line – rest 30 seconds

5 yard

– 1 minute rest –

Star Drill

Each cone is 5 yards apart. Start in the middle and touch each cone returning to and touching the middle cone each event.  2 Drills with 30 seconds rest between drills.


-1 minute rest-

4 Corner Drill

Sprint 5 yards, shuffle 5 yards, backpedal 5 yards, sprint 5 yards aroung the square – 2 drills with 30 seconds rest between drills


-1 minute rest-

5 Yard Bear Crawl To Push Up

Bear crawl 5 yards and do a push up.  Return 5 yards bear crawling and do a push up. Continue this drill for 30 seconds.  Rest 30 seconds before beginning again.  Do 2 Drills.

5 yard

– 1 minute rest-

100 Yard Down-Up

Sprint for 100 yards and do a down up every 5 yards.  1 Drill


– 1 minute rest-

Shirt Hop

Hop quickly two feet at a time over your shirt for 30 seconds.  1 Drill.

Get Strong Shirt

– 1 minute rest-

Vertical Jump

50 straight vertical jumps as high as possible.  1 Drill

Stop Your Total Time Stopwatch and Record The Total Time

Your Total Time Is What You Will Need To Beat The Next Workout


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