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A Sprint Test

A man sprinting.

Not only do you want to run fast, but it is extremely important to be able to run fast many times in succession. To measure how you are improving based on your running program, coaches, trainers, and athletes often elect to measure their progress by administering a Sprint Test.

The test requires a stop watch and knowledge of your best 40 yard dash and is to be administered on your playing field.

First take your best 40 yard dash time and add 5/10ths of a second to it.


Best 40 yard dash is 4.8 seconds + .5 seconds = 5.3 seconds goal time

Run 8 sprints with exactly 20 seconds rest between each sprint.

Your goal in this example is to run each sprint in 5.3 seconds or less.

Record each time. If all times are 5.3 or better you are considered fit and your training is going well.

  1. Your 20 second rest interval begins immediately once you cross the 40 yard mark.
  2. A countdown begins as you cross and are slowing down
  3. At 15 seconds your hand for the next sprint should be on the line so you are ready to sprint again.
  4. 5,4,3,2,1- and begin sprinting again.
  5. If a workout consists of more than one sprint test add an additional 5/10ths of a second to your goal each test.


Sprint Test #1 – 4.8 + .5 = 5.3 seconds goal time

Sprint Test #2 – 4.8 + .5 + .5 = 5.8 seconds goal time

Sprint Test #3 – 4.8 + .5 + .5 + .5 = 6.3 seconds goal time

Running a Sprint Test



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