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A Strong Company

Hip Presses.

If one of the Rogers trucks has issues during delivery, our drivers are prepared to complete the task. This requires the proper harness, cadence, stride length and attaining a total body position that enables the greatest horizontal force production.

Hip Presses and the Seated Squat Pro getting ready to be Loaded and Delivered


Yard Work

If you like to do yard work make sure you have a Pendulum Vertical Chest Press, it makes it more fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

Lowering Risk

It is well known that weaker necks cannot mitigate  accelerations to the head, as well as athletes with stronger necks. This is substantiated in a research study in the Journal of Primary Prevention, Neck strength: a protective factor reducing risk for concussion in...

Getting Ahead of Extension

The tricep brachii is a single muscular unit with three distinct heads: the medial, the lateral and long heads. It functions as a powerful extensor of the upper extremity. Each head has a different fatigue rate and each head becomes...