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A Tip

A man using a Pendulum neck machine

When training neck extension start the exercise in hole #4 on the Pendulum 4 or 5-Way Neck cam. Sit in the center of the seat and hold the handles on the front of the machine. Before beginning the positive portion of each repetition let the head and neck retract.  Once retracted then begin each rep and pause, with no movement in the fully contracted position for 1 or 2 seconds. Pausing while at the top of the movement allows time for participation of the maximal amount of musculature in this complex physiological area. At the end of each repetitive movement retract the head and neck once again.

After weeks of strengthening and training begin each session of forward neck flexion in hole #3 instead of #4, keeping the same excellent posture and form. The goal is to develop the strength to perform each rep correctly with the appropriate posture eventually starting the exercise in hole #1.

Pendulum Neck Machine Strength Training
Retract the Head and Neck before Beginning each Rep

Paused at the Top of the Movement


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Pendulum outside the Naval Academy’s new weight room installation. Getting Strong at the Naval Academy