Not everyone has the same view.                                                

Dan Geraci is a former Collegiate Strength Coach and is now recognized as one of the premier personal trainers in Chicago, Illinois.  To get in touch with Dan or for further information visit

Dan explains, If you ask many strength coaches which exercise is the most important for building strength for sport, most will say the barbell squat.  Let me give you another view.

1.     Barbell Squatting is a skill.  Perfecting the skill of squatting  takes time and commitment to the exercise.  I want and my clients want immediate results.  We use the Squat Pro to Get Stronger faster.


2.    Issues with the lower back and loading the spine is why many athletes seek personal training.  My job is to decrease the risk of injury and strengthen their structures.

3.    Everything I do revolves around risk and reward.  Weight training has an inherent risk.  I want all my exercises to be low risk and very high reward.

4.    If my athlete receives a competitive upper body injury I want to be able to continue our lower body routines without the use of their hands.

5.     Flexibility increases with properly performed exercise.  Using the range limiter on the Squat Pro allows athletes to progress aggressively and safely.


Squat Like A Pro With The Pendulum Squat Pro


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