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All Exercise is Graffiti.



KayleeKaylee Gittleson ran hurdles for Ann Arbor Pioneer High School. The team won three out of four Division I State Championships during her four years. Kaylee was told by her dad to write about training from her perspective on the Rogers Blog.


My Dad was a Strength Coach for 30 years. We literally live in a gym with furniture. My father knows I love art, so he likes to talk to me in pictures.

I couldn’t decide what exercise was going to be the best for my legs. At school I just did what the Coach said, but at home I had to make a decision. We have a wide variety of stuff in the house and my debate was one of four exercises. At least I narrowed my choices down to four. I could use the Box Squat, the Pendulum Hip Press, Pendulum Squat Pro, or Squat with a Barbell. Confused, I decided to ask my dad.

My father was in Iowa, I sent him a text and I quickly received his Text with this photo:


The Graffiti Barn; east of Columbus Junction, Iowa, is a car-stopper for photographers. A splash of colors against the rural background.

His next Text:

“Graffiti is Art make no mistake about it.” …..he said.


Properly performed exercise builds muscle make no mistake about it ‘…..he said.

The next Text:

“Look up the Overload Principle.”

The Overload Principle stated, systematic and progressive things cause adaptation if of a proper magnitude. ‘Load’, ‘Tension’, ‘Intensity’, were words I was reading.

He was telling me to lift hard and choose any exercise I wanted, but lift hard and be systematic and progressive, and I would get the right result.

Graffiti, even though it may look like scribble is Art . Muscles adapt to any sufficient load even if the exercise doesn’t seem to me to look as special as another. My choice of exercise didn’t matter. I could choose what I liked.

Squat Exercise

                       Photo Courtesy of Kathy Leistner

The next text was:

  “Choose all four exercises.”…….he said.



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