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Always Include Neck Training 

Pendulum machines
  • Protect the athlete

  • Attenuate and Dissipate Energy

  • Lower subconcussive forces

  • Enhance the ability to move the head quickly

  • Increase balance and athleticism

  • Increase blood flow to and from the brain

  • Enhance the ability to cool in heat-related conditions

  • Protect and strengthen the shoulder

  • Return to play safely

  • Reduce headaches

  • Increase strength

  • Ultimately do the right thing 

Make Neck Training Important Part Of What You Do


Getting Ahead of Extension

The tricep brachii is a single muscular unit with three distinct heads: the medial, the lateral and long heads. It functions as a powerful extensor of the upper extremity. Each head has a different fatigue rate and each head becomes...

Livonia Franklin High School
2024 CSCCa

A morning workout on the Pendulum Rack System at the College Strength and Conditioning Show in Fort Worth, Texas. The strength coaches are Staying Strong. The Pendulum Rack System