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An Actual Leg Curling Machine

A woman using Pendulum Prone Leg Curl

On the lying leg curl machines that have been developed in the marketplace the lower lateral and lower medial hamstring are regionally targeted, this has caused coaches and athletes to add a variety of movements to fully activate the semimembranosus, semitendinosus and bicep femoris long and short heads of the hamstrings.

Knowing this, Pendulum developed a Prone Leg Curl that changes what is thought about strengthening the muscle group. When first getting on the Pendulum machine the user suddenly feels what happens when the hamstrings are fully engaged. Instead of portions of the muscle being targeted the three posterior thigh muscles between the hip and knee become fully active. The question a coach and athlete then must ask is – Do I need to do other movements to maximize development of this muscular group?

Pendulum Prone Leg Curl


Yard Work

If you like to do yard work make sure you have a Pendulum Vertical Chest Press, it makes it more fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

Lowering Risk

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Getting Ahead of Extension

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