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Another Way To Do A Manual Squat

There are many ways to do a Manual Squat

Manual squatWhen an athlete completes a very difficult set of leg presses have them quickly get into a rock bottom squatting position with their head down, arms crossed and held forward, back rounded and as low as possible.

Place one hand on the athletes head, neck or the top of the shoulder. Place the other hand on the lower back at the top of the iliac crest (top of pelvis bone).

Manual squatHave the athlete raise up 8-12 inches and pause with pressure. The key is keeping the head down and back rounded while rotating around the knee.

The athlete will want to stand up to take the muscular tension off their legs, but they mustn’t. If you have an athlete who is surprised about how much muscular pain is involved…control their heads…so they do not extend it trying to release tension by changing leverage.

The manual squat is a great exercise to …….GET STRONG.

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