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Physical Readiness

EarlIf you grew up in the 1920’s and were interested in fitness you knew Earle E. Liederman.  A vaudeville strongman, who eventually became the undisputed king of the mail-order muscleman business.  His illustrated booklet ‘Muscular Development’ went through 20 editions.  A prolific writer, his books are still available.

Reading ‘Endurance‘ by Earle Liederman, Doug Scott, Strength Coach of the Pingry School in New Jersey found that expectations of fitness over 100 years ago would be impressive today.

earle2“Every man should be able to save his own life” is a phrase coined by physical culture enthusiast Earle Liederman back in1926.  In his book “Endurance”, Mr. Liederman states,  “Every man and I will add women, should have enough strength and fitness to save his or her own life in an emergency.”  Liederman outlines the 5 Fitness ‘Benchmarks for Physical Readiness’.

The standards were simple and straightforward.

1. Swim at least a half a mile
2. Run 200 or more yards at top speed.
3. Be able to clear obstacles of waist height
4. Perform at least 15 chin ups consecutively
5. Perform at least 25 dips consecutively

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