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Be Careful What You ‘Eight’

Eight Sports Nutrition Mistakes                                                                                                                                                                             


1. Skipping Breakfast.  Eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism.  Your body and your brain function their best when fueled properly.

2. Not hydrating.  Dehydration impairs performance.  Drink fluids throughout the day, before during and after workouts.

3. Not eating before training.  Your body needs fuel to workout.  For some it is 1 to 2 hours prior to activity others sooner.

4. Not refueling after exercise.   Recovering from exercise is more than the cool-down and stretch, it is also nutritional recovery.

5. Eating to much protein.  Balance your diet.

6. Choosing sports bars and shakes instead of food.  Replace calories with food.

7. Trying the latest nutritional fad. Your body is not a chemistry set.

8. Thinking exercise is a free pass to pig out.



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