In 1744 Ben Franklin published, “A Catalogue of Choice and Valuable Books.” It was the first documented way to view and purchase items without visiting a shop in early America. Today the offline/online mail order catalog business flourishes in many unique ways.

We can use technology to look through a catalog online, have one delivered through the mail, handed to us from a salesperson or download a catalog to a printer. Many love to turn the paper pages and store their catalogs in a file cabinet on a bookshelf with other reading material or any place that allows easy access.

Below is the 2021 Rogers Athletic, Impact Athletic, Pendulum Strength Catalog, you can look through, download, print and share. Ben Franklin gave us the lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, improved street lamps and much more. What we at Rogers like most - the historical way given to us to catalogue and view Pendulum Strength Training Equipment, so more and more people Get Strong.

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