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Bridging Childhood And Adulthood

Texas A&M Facility

The development of the playground was designed for more than entertainment of children. Engaging in gross motor activities significantly improves motor skills and overall strength and physical fitness even with limited engagement. As we age these activities still have tremendous value and for many present a worthwhile challenge.

pendulum rack system at Michigan State University Football

Pendulum Rack system at the University of Michigan

The Pendulum Power Rack System is extremely stable and each system is designed for the safety of the athlete. Rogers Athletics sister company StageRite, which is heavily involved in event risers and staging ratings provides load limits. Athletic use information is provided upon installation.


Getting Ahead of Extension

The tricep brachii is a single muscular unit with three distinct heads: the medial, the lateral and long heads. It functions as a powerful extensor of the upper extremity. Each head has a different fatigue rate and each head becomes...

Livonia Franklin High School
2024 CSCCa

A morning workout on the Pendulum Rack System at the College Strength and Conditioning Show in Fort Worth, Texas. The strength coaches are Staying Strong. The Pendulum Rack System