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Catching, Pulling, Pressing

A man holding a weight above his head

Coaches become proficient in the teaching of catching, pulling and pressing barbells. Technical proficiency of the kinetic and kinematic mechanisms of strength-speed movement is important in moving heavy loads. The exercises and strategies used in weight rooms are varied and wide ranging; the push press, push jerk, split jerk, clean and jerk, one hand press-right and left, two-hand press, snatch, jump shrug, high pull, hang pull, jump squat, power clean, military press are a few movements to enhance motor coordination, strength and explosive power. This is all done with the inclusion of the larger muscles of legs, hips and lower torso.

The transfer of learned skill is most evident in similar tasks and the skill of barbell movement is specific to the lift, yet biomechanical similarities are a positive when it comes to moving great weights. The ultimate goal in training is to have stiff tendons with strong muscles that can hold them when they elongate to release energy.  

When you Get Strong you can move great weights.  If you train on Pendulum equipment Getting Strong is a given.


Rules Matter

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine published the study, Manual Resistance versus Conventional Resistance Training: Impact on Strength and Muscular Endurance in Recreationally Trained Men.The researchers concluded..”these findings provide information for personal trainers or physical therapists, who could apply...

Top Load

The barbell squat is seemingly simple, yet is a complex movement. Coaches and athletes learn and/or teach various training techniques to attain a low position to enhance overall development. The deep squat affects the movement of each joint by the...

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