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Cement Your Dreams

Cement plate

There are over 600 student- athletes at Eastern Michigan University across 17 varsity sports. Their athletes are currently training from home with varying situations. The athletes have gone from hands-on training in their outstanding facility to make shift programs based on the implements that they have available.

The challenges are many, as they are without teammates, performance coaches and have training environments such as lawns, garages, basements and living rooms.

Fred Hale co-Director of Sport Performance at Eastern indicates that relationships are a big part of the Eagles program. Strength training is always much more than lifting weights. The Sports Performance Coach also develops the athlete physically and mentally enhancing their drive to excel.

To see how important strength and conditioning has become for the athletes under the tutelage of the Eagle’s Sports Performance Staff one only has to look at what their athletes have been doing to Get Strong while stuck at home.

Cement Barbell

Wooden Squat Rack

Making Weight Plates

Eastern Michigan Eagle Weight Plates

Your Dreams are like Cement add Water and they will Become Concrete

Olympic Bars Rogers Athletic

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