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A man using a Pendulum Adjustable Chin/Dip Bar

In the journal Sports Medicine the article “Chronic Adaptations to Eccentric Training: A Systematic Review” was recently published. Their systematic search of the literature was done utilizing the electronic databases MEDLINE via EBSCO, PubMed and SPORTDiscus via EBSCO, in other words the information procured was comprehensive and thorough. The authors concluded, “The inclusion of eccentric loads not constrained by concentric strength appears to be superior to traditional resistance training in improving variables associated with strength, power and speed performance.”

No matter how you approach training one thing is for certain, eccentric training is a potent stimulus for muscle enhancement. This modality added to any training program provides an important stimulus for adaptation.

Eccentric training can take strength development to another level, dramatically increasing one’s ability to perform an exercise.

Chin-ups and pull ups have always been an important integral part of fitness from inclusion in; The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, Military Physical Fitness Assessment, sports teams, gyms, parcourses in parks and playgrounds.

The following is an example of amplifying the results of the common movement – ‘the chin’ – utilizing eccentric only training:


Start at the top of the chin bar and lower yourself at an 8 count. At the 2 second count you should be 1/4 of the way down. At the 4 second count you will be exactly 1/2  way down, that is your arms will have a 90 degree bend. At the 6 second count you will be 3/4 of the way down and in 8 seconds your arms will be straight. Quickly climb up so that your chin is over the bar and lower yourself again. Your goal is to accomplish 8 perfect reps at an 8 count.

Some of the many ways to progressively overload:

  1. Once 8 perfect reps at an 8 count is achieved. – Rest and try to repeat this process 3 times in succession.
  2. Once 8 perfect reps at an 8 count is achieved – Use a weight belt and add 5- 10 lbs every time you are successful.
  3. Once 8 perfect reps at an 8 count is achieved – Set a goal of 8 reps in 88 seconds – 1/4 in 22 seconds, half way down in 44 sec, 3/4 in 66 seconds, arms straight in 88 seconds.
  4. Once 8 reps at an 8 count is achieved – Do a barbell curl, dumbbell or machine curl with your normal weight and upon completion immediately perform 8 perfect reps at an 8 count.

Start Position for 8 reps at an 8 Count

3/4 of the Way Down

The Finished Position on the Pendulum Adjustable Chin/Dip Bar


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