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Combine The Spoken And Written 

Football Agiles

Young athletes tend to have trouble running over agility bags.   Part of their problem is not agility or learning new skills but an unwillingness to pick their feet up as required for development as they are learning what effort is.  They know that just clearing an object saves energy.  Drills are relatively simple and effort is not.  Effort requires coaching and training..

Habits form as athletes pursue goals by repeating the same responses. A deliberate goal pursuit guides action.  Habits are the efficient, default mode of the repetition of response. Athletes tend to infer from the frequency of habit performance that their behavior must have been intended.  Yet, coaches know that behavior is learned through their direction of persistent perfection of the repetition of drills.

The last bag in an agility drill has always been problematic for the coach and athlete as the tendency is to conserve energy.  The athlete is aware there are many more repetitions that need to be accomplished.  Coaches understand what is occurring well.  The athlete trying to pace himself, reserving effort has brought about a common vocabulary that graces the coaching world during drills –  Finish!!, Run through the line, Move your feet, No shortcuts, Only your best, Win!!.

There is an intimate relationship between the spoken and written word in development.  Motivational signage is displayed throughout athletic complexes, meeting rooms, weight rooms, above doorways, entrances into stadiums, practice fields and more.

This being known there are other places coaches should consider signage whereby the effect can be instantaneous.  When purchasing agile bags consider the last bag the athlete steps over to secure the mental relationship between the written and spoken.  Have Rogers Athletic print your verbal command atop the agile bag so when they hear what you say it is reinforced as they see what is written.  The athlete hears and sees – Finish!!, Win!!, Only your best!, Move your feet!, Beat your opponent! or any other coaching term you often speak.

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