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Compensation For Time Management

Getting A Lot More Done During The Same Time Period.

It is well known that the former great Ohio State football Coaching legend, Wayne Woodrow “Woody” Hayes, often recited and read from Ralph Waldo Emerson’ s many lectures and essays. He was given the essay “Compensation” as a gift from his father while a college student at Denison. He indicated that he had read it at least 50 times.

Emerson said, “…the more you give, the more you get in return.” Woody understood preparing hard for the contest, giving your all for the game, gave you back much more than a victory on the gridiron.

Any coach that played against Coach Hayes knew they faced a well drilled, precision outfit, that rarely made mistakes. Woody knew how to maximize a players practice time. Once a Hayes team took the field to begin preparation for the next opponent, every phase of every activity was well scrutinized and each moment optimized.

“This time like all times is a very good one if we but know what to do with it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson …

In general, coaches and players spend approximately the same time in their development. It is how that time is utilized whereby the differences lie.

Pendulum Bench

Taking a look at a Manual Resistance program:

Many programs use manual resistance as it is seemingly time efficient. Manual resistance  requires athletes to pair up to train their neck musculature. Strength training in four directions using a manual protocol takes a minimum of 4 minutes. Since athletes are spotting one another, a neck exercise  routine  is approximately 8 minutes.

Training on the 5 Way Neck Machine or utilizing the New Pendulum 4 Way Neck Machine gives you greater results in less time.

Pendulum EquipmentAn athlete trains four directions on the Pendulum 4 or 5 Way Neck and records the results. Simply adjusting the cam on the Pendulum neck machine, the athlete immediately trains the head musculature.   Following the 10 degree nod and 25 degree tilt head movements, the athlete attacks the trapezius with a  1-arm shrug as well as a 2-arm shrug.  In almost the same 8 minute period that was devoted to manual resistance there is a whopping 8 exercises completed instead of 4 for each athlete.

 Time management is an edge in athletics.

Training on the Pendulum Neck machine not only Gets you Strong, it makes coaching sense.

 Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

The New Pendulum 4 Way Neck… “the more you give the more you get in return.”


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