The hotbed of proprioception is the head and neck region of our anatomy, all athletes  benefit from training this area.  Inattention to the musculature of the head and neck system slights optimal development. The first goal of a strength training program is to protect the student-athlete and contact sports require a comprehensive structured head and neck program. 


There are Many Reasons for Head And Neck Training  

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Saginaw Valley State University Pendulum Neck Machines

1. Protect the athlete

2. Lower the sub-concussive forces that cause short term and long term injury

3. Enhance the ability of moving the head quickly

4. Significantly improve body strength

5. Improve balance and athleticism

6. Attenuate and dissipate energy

7. Increase maximum oxygen uptake

8. Stretch and strengthen the suboccipital muscles that have a direct correlation to the hamstrings

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Colgate University Pendulum Neck Machines

9. Increase vertical jump height

10. Increase blood flow to and from the brain

11. Cooling

12. Less mistakes during play due to contact and stress

13. Protect and strengthen the shoulders

14. Reduce headaches

15. Having strength measurements for return to play guidelines

16. Ultimately do the right thing by being responsible

Michigan State Neck Machines

Michigan State University Pendulum Neck Machines

Train the Head and Neck and Get Strong