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Connect with the Neck

Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machine

 Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machines

‘Where the head goes the body will follow’, is an athletic axiom that coaches teach. To physically understand this, stand straight, place your fingers lightly on the nape of your neck and without moving your head quickly move your eyes left and right. 

As the eyes move you will feel the musculature in your neck begin to contract. The eyes are not connected to the neck muscles and what you are feeling is the brain neurally preparing the body for movement. 

Receptors in the cervical spine have connections to the vestibular and visual apparatus, as well as areas of the central nervous system. The central nervous system differentiates between the whole body moving and the body changing position.

Training the head and neck enhances performance in preparation for quick action. Like our limbs it is important to move the head quickly. Having strong, quick, explosive neck musculature enhances overall movement, skill and protects one from injury. 

Make neck training an important part of your program and neck machines an integral part of your facility.  


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