Rock climbing presents a challenge of focus, balance, strength and endurance.  Whether outdoors or indoors the physical requirements are similar.

Grip Strength Pendulum
Outdoor Climbing

As rock climbing has evolved, climbing gyms have become prevalent worldwide. Now Sport Climbing is an Olympic sport featuring the disciplines of Speed, Bouldering and Lead climbing. Having a powerful enduring grip is imperative.

Indoor Sport Climbing

Making grip strength a priority in training for the enthusiast will dramatically enhance performance and safety. There is no better device to insure strong hands then the Pendulum Gripper, as it was designed for strength, endurance and built for the additional challenge of eccentric loading.

Grip Strength Pendulum
Pendulum Power Grip Pro

Experienced climbers understand the value of eccentric loading, much of the adventurous exercise requires hand strength to resist the weight of one's own body pulling against the fingers.

Grip Strength Pendulum
Eccentric Loading on the Pendulum Power Grip Pro