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Demons And Lady Demons

Eric Schwager

Northwestern State University is located in Natchitoches, Louisiana. In 1922 the students voted that all their athletic teams would be known by the nickname of Demons. The University recently named Eric Schwager to lead the Demons as the Director of Strength and Conditioning.

Eric spent 4 years as the Director of Strength, Conditioning and Sports Performance at Newberry College where he helped lead the Wolves to a Southern Atlantic Conference Championship.

Eric has a strong background in athletics; he has worked at Princeton, Michigan State, South Florida and minor league baseball, owned an Advanced Training business,  coached at the University of Hartford and was the Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach at Limestone College.

Now he brings his expertise to the Northwestern State Demons and shares an example of what an athlete can do when ‘stuck’ at home. 

Schwager Gets Them Strong


2024 National Conference 

The 2024 CSCCa National Conference will be held in Fort Worth, TX, May 6-8th.  A great speaker itinerary and a great opportunity to experience Pendulum Strength Training Equipment. See you there! Getting Strong at the CSCCa

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