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Do You Text?

Neck pain in general is a public health problem that has increased remarkably. Independent of age the prevalence is high and equal to low back pain. Epidemiological data from studies indicate that approximately 70% of university students and 65% of people who work from home have neck or back pain. Unavoidable use and use of personal computers and cell phones for texting are the major contributors to the increase of the prevalence of this physiological issue.

When the head protrudes so that it is placed anterior to the trunk you have flexion of the cervical spine, as in looking down at your cell phone. When gazing at a computer screen on a table or desk the lower cervical spine remains flexed, while the upper cervical spine extends in order to keep a horizontal gaze when looking at the screen. These unnatural neck positions utilized with technology are the leading associations with modern day neck pain. Forward head posture leads to strain forces on the joints and ligaments of the cervical spine and increases gravitational forces on the posterior neck muscles.

Neck Training

Training on the Pendulum Neck Machine

To offset our habits or needs in utilizing technology’s unnatural  positions neck training, that is, a continual strengthening of the musculature of the head and neck should become a regular part of fitness. The sternocleidomastoid muscles working bilaterally help stabilization of the head by flexion of the lower cervical spine and extension of the upper. Training with the inclusion of the posterior chain muscles of the neck leads to realignment and the normalization of posture that is being taken away.

Keep your neck aligned and strong by making neck training part of your fitness routine.

Neck Training

Training the Posterior Cervical Chain 



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