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Don’t Forget The Michigan State Unversity Strength & Conditioning Clinic

*Friday, Feb 8th – FREE SESSION from 6-9pm 
Cincinnati Bengals, Chip Morton followed by “TIPS FROM THE TRENCHES” with Coach Mannie and 
the Spartan Strength Staff! 
*Saturday, February 9th 
*Registration & Check-in @ 715-800am 
*Clinic will run approximately until 300pm. 
Clara Bell Smith Academic Center 
(adjacent to the Duffy Daugherty Building)

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Michigan State Strength Clinic – Do Not Miss It

Chip Morton is in his 10th season as the Cincinnati Bengals strength & conditioning coach

Mark Asanovich recently completed his 15th season as a strength & conditioning coach in professional football

Matt Brzycki began his association with Princeton University in 1983 as a Health Fitness Supervisor

Blair Wagner is in his third season with Eastern Michigan University, as Head Sports Performance Coach

Greg Pyszczynski  Assistant Sports Performance Coach at Eastern Michigan University

Rick Camilletti better known as Coach Cam Strength Coach of the Steubenville (OH) Big Red football program

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Arkansas Baseball Weight Room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
2-for-2 Method

Some trainers, coaches and athletes use what is called the 2-for-2 Method for increasing training load. The rule is if the trainee can perform two or more repetitions over one’s ‘repetition goal’ in the last set of an exercise, for two consecutive workouts, the weight is added for that particular exercise the next training session.

Bench Rep
St. Thomas Aquinas Weight Room Installation

Rack bridge bars at St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Custom logo head wrap on the utility bench at St. Thomas Aquinas High School