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Dorsiflexion And The Squat

A man working out on the Pendulum Squat Pro

The Pendulum Squat Pro

Dorsiflexion can be defined as moving your foot so your toes get closer to your knee in a non-weight bearing position.  Measurement of the degrees of motion is done with a standard goniometer. When weight-bearing the measurement is often taken by doing a dorsiflexion lunging movement.

The Dorsiflexion Lunge Test is done against a wall. Facing the wall the participant assumes a single leg kneeling lunge position. To start, the foot that is flat on the ground toes should be approximately 6 inches  from said wall. The goal is to lean forward and try to touch the wall with the upright knee, keeping the foot flat with the heel always making contact with the floor. The participants are allowed to hold their hands on the wall to provide support.

The goal is to find the maximum distance in centimeters, from the tip of the toe to the wall with the knee slightly touching the wall. The Dorsiflexion Lunge Test foot position may be altered several times to obtain the correct distance. For every centimeter the big toe is from the wall with the knee touching represents about 3.6 degrees of dorsiflexion.

Assessing and correcting technique in the barbell back squat is a key function of most strength and conditioning programs. Joint range of motion deficits affect technique, as well as torso length and the anthropometrics of the lower limbs. Ankle dorsiflexion can be a limiting factor in full back squat depth.

Widening stance width requires less dorsiflexion than when squatting with a narrower stance. Individuals with limited ankle movement tend to benefit by widening their stance width, as the need for greater joint angles is larger when the stance is narrower.

The Pendulum Squat Pro is unique, joint angle and stance width are all corrected by the Pendulum patented floating yoke. The lifter only needs to assume a comfortable stance, dorsiflexion angles and foot placement are no longer significant factors in achieving form and depth. The best stance width is determined by muscular function and how the athlete feels is their best application of leverage.


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