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Fifty Fifty

Fifty Percent of Fifty Percent To Get Strong                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Chris Arp is the outstanding Strength Coach at Reynoldsburg High School in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Chris shares how he approaches the Fifty Percent Rule (see details of Fifty Percent Reps in previous blog article) with leg training He asks his athletes to apply the rule twice….. hence the ‘Fifty Fifty Rule’. 

First, Chris sets up a range of repetitions that an athlete must work through before adding weight.

Example:  Leg Routine 15-20 reps using the Fifty Fifty Rule

The program begins starting with a weight that only allows the athlete to achieve 15 reps with the greatest of effort.  When strong enough in any given workout on the first of threeSets’ to achieve 20 reps add 10 pounds to the next workout.  The athlete may also add 10 pounds if they are able to complete the fifty fifty percent rule.   

Working out with Pendulum Equipment

Training on a first generation Pendulum hip Press

Set 1

The athlete achieves 15 reps with the greatest of effort.

– rest exactly 30 seconds –

Set 2

After 30 seconds the athlete repeats the exercise with the exact weight with a goal of 50% of the previous repetitions achieved in Set 1.  The athlete’s goal therefore is to achieve 8 reps or better in Set 2.

– rest exactly 30 seconds –

Set 3

Following a 30 seconds rest period the athlete repeats the same exercise with a goal of 50% of the 8 reps he or she achieved in Set 2.  If the lifter achieves 8 reps in Set 2 and 4 reps in Set 3 he or she can add 10 pounds the next workout and once again the range is 15-20 reps.

An athlete must hit 50% in both Set 2 & Set 3 to advance in weight unless they are able to achieve 20 reps in Set 1.  Achieving 20 reps in Set 1 is always a free pass to add weight and Get Strong.  All three sets are to be completed each workout.

If the athlete fails to achieve 50% in both sets they still have the goal of getting 16 reps in Set 1 the following workout!

Working out with Pendulum Equipment


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