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Finger Walk To Get Strong

A man pulling a rope

A power grip is a grip formed with the fingers and thumbs act against the palm to transmit force against an object. The Pendulum Power Grip Pro is an exercise device designed to strengthen this action.

Pendulum Power Grip Pro

The hand when firmly grasping, if there is tugging, pulling or twisting type motions the fingers must not only squeeze but must ab and adduct as the force is causing the fingers to separate. This separation of fingers reduces hand strength and diminishes the power of grabbing and holding on to objects.

Training on the Pendulum Rope Pull Requires the Hand to Squeeze Powerfully and Pull Powerfully at the Same Time

The dorsal interossei muscles in the back of the hand act to spread or abduct the index, middle and ring fingers away from the hand’s midline; they also assist in flexion. The palmar interossei muscles of the hand  adduct the thumb, index, ring and little fingers towards the middle finger.

Sledge Hammers for Ab/Adduction of the Fingers on the Grip Cart

To strengthen these important often neglected muscles start with a six pound wooden handled sledge hammer. Standing or in a seated position from the top of the handle, pick up the hammer with the distal and middle phalanges. Walk your fingers down the handle with the goal of touching the sledge. Movement is made by one hand until the index finger reaches the pinky of the opposing hand then the other hand begins movement. Once at the bottom, sledge touched, let the sledge hammer slowly return to the starting position by resisting it sliding between the fingertips of both hands. This slow return to the starting position is eccentric loading of the musculature. When you can achieve two reps add weight by slipping a 2.5 pound plate over the top.

If an athlete regularly trains their power grip and can also finger walk a 20 pound sledge you will find their hand strength is well above average. When an athlete can finger walk 40-50 pounds they will actually be able to bend steel like a professional strongman..



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