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Finishing The Biceps

The barbell curl is a fundamental part of a weight training program. Any change in the lever system effects the muscular tension and therefore the outcome of the resistance being utilized on the bar. Going from a straight knee to a bent knee during lifting or simply extending your head can add leverage to the barbell and lessen the result.

Knowing this coaches may require various set and rep schemes and weight lifting system techniques to maximally develop the arms. A simple yet brutal method to ensure you are fully training the bicep is resistive rope pulling.

Immediately upon conclusion of a barbell curl, with the Rogers Rope Pull attachment set at the base of the Pendulum Rack, have the athlete pull the rope at a difficult setting until completed.

The good news is that the exercise will require bending the knees, throwing the head back, as well as every ounce of energy the athlete can muster to finish the exercise. A great way to Get not only the biceps but the entire body Strong.

A man working out

 A man working out

A man working out

 A man working out


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