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Five In One

A woman Bench Pressing on the Pendulum Shoulder/Incline

Popular and widely used the bench press is seen as a measure of strength and considered the best pectoral developer. Numerous variations of the movement are used to isolate the chest and train the shoulder girdle musculature by varying the angle of the movement.

It is well known that the inclination angle affects the activity of different portions of the ‘pecs’. When the angle is above 30 degrees, using an adjustable bench there is greater activation of the upper portions of the pectoralis major and as the angle steepens the anterior deltoid becomes significantly more engaged.

The Pendulum Shoulder/Incline has five inclinations and multiple variations of each of these degrees of movement. The athlete can develop specific programs at each angle or combine angles by quickly changing them during a workout.

The Pendulum Shoulder/Incline is a true chest shoulder developer and neglects nothing when it comes to chest development.

Pendulum Shoulder Incline Machine
Pendulum Shoulder Incline Machine
Bench Pressing on the Pendulum Shoulder/Incline


Getting Strong

North Carolina State University builds a new strength training facility.


Syracuse University rebuilds their weight room with Pendulum strength training equipment.

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