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Form That Can’t Be Taught

A man squatting using pendulum equipment

In discussing deep squatting compared to half and quarter squats the literature advises technique be acquired with expert supervision for it to be an effective training tool. When this occurs the risk of degenerative changes due to an increased motion and possible deterioration due to mechanical influences is unfounded.

The Pendulum Squat Pro requires little supervision, has range limiters and assures the athlete is using a technique based upon his or her limb lengths and body biomechanics that with a barbell even the most expert coach could not acquire. With the floating shoulder yoke the athlete can apply maximum musculature force at any depth not needing to worry about joint discomfort or adjusting form.

You Get the Most out of a Squat when you Squat like a Pro

Train on the Pendulum Squat Pro


Getting Strong

North Carolina State University builds a new strength training facility.


Syracuse University rebuilds their weight room with Pendulum strength training equipment.

The Upper Back

Different hand and forearm positions alter the activity within the targeted musculature during a weight training movement that requires grasping. When strength training the upper back utilizing a rowing motion, how you grasp, wrist flexion, wrist extension, forearm pronation, forearm...