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“Four”ward Progress

“Four”ward Progress                                                                                                                        

PingryRunning a high school strength and conditioning program presents unique issues.  Bus schedules, family schedules, jobs, school activities and much more enter into the complexity of running a well structured system.  Doug Scott of the Pingry School explains:

Staying consistent and not missing workouts is vital to success.  That is why you must always plan for the unexpected and have a “shorter” workout ready that addresses all the major muscle groups when time is crunched.  The amount of time spent exercising is not nearly as important as the effort put into each exercise.  So, while this workout is only four exercises, it does require focus and determination to complete.  You may not be able to control how much time you have, but you can control what you do with that time.  Make it count!

Neck Workout
“Four”ward Progress
5 way neck
Chin ups 20 reps
Dips 20 reps
Leg Press 50 reps

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