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Free Weights vs. Strength Machines

I have been asked on several occasions the timeless question, “Which is better, free weights or strength machines?”  To me that is like asking, what is better a Corvette convertible or a Ford F350 Dually? If I wanted to feel the wind blasting across my bald head, I would say Corvette. If my wife wants me to haul garden mulch, I think I will go with the truck.  Now that may seem like an exaggerated example, but is it?

I recently had a rather lively debate with a fantastic strength coach from a top D1 school. We, of course, were discussing the Brute Power Rack squatadvantages of the free weight squats over the Pendulum Power Squat Pro machine. The argument was, there was no possible way any strength machine could even come close to matching the strength benefits found in the traditional free weight back squat. Now I have a love for power lifting as a sport and have squatted on more than one occasion, but as an equipment designer I have encountered many athletes that for many different reasons who are unable to free weight squat. Many of these same athletes are not only now able to squat in comfort on the Power Squat Pro, but with amazing strength gains. In the strength training world our goal is to make a stronger athletes who will be able to perform in their sport more effectively and with a greater degree of safety. Find the most effective tool for the job and use it! (You know that’s what your dad would say.)

This morning I had a call from Coach Tommy Moffitt, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Champion LSU Tigers. He is using the new Pendulum Power Squat Pro to supplement the free weight squats. Pendulum Power Squat ProHe said it was amazing that he now has several athletes that were previously unable to squat, squatting perfectly on the Power Squat Pro with impressive gains. Coach Moffitt is a coach who has learned that a stronger healthier athlete can be groomed into a better football player. The tools he chooses align with the goals he sets, STRONGER MORE CONDITIONED PLAYERS.

Warriors and athletes have been strength training for thousands of years to improve their odds on the field of competition. Be open minded to explore the options available to you, and look for solutions that can safely accelerate your gains and move you closer to your next victory.

Push On – Be Strong

Tyler J. Hobson


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