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From The Top Down

5 Way Neck Machines

Pendulum Neck Machines
Top-down Training with the Pendulum 5-way Neck Machine

In management it has been argued; “The top-down approach results in clear, well-organized processes that leave little room for confusion. Because all decisions are made in one place and all communication flows in one direction, mix-ups and misunderstandings happen less frequently….”

In strength training it can be argued; Training from the ‘top’ or head down will also – “..approach results in clear, well-organized processes that leave little room for confusion.”

The first purpose in training an athlete is ‘preventative sports medicine’. Designing a program that reduces the incidence and/or mitigates the severity of head trauma should be a priority. 

Neck strength and girth play an important role in preventing head and neck injuries. Neck development is a modifiable risk factor that can be prioritized and targeted by placing its strengthening at the ‘top’ of the workout.

‘Where the head goes the body will follow’, is an athletic axiom that coaches teach. Strength training the neck not only provides protection, it also Improves athleticism, as strong explosive head, neck and trap muscles play an important part in bodily movement. Make neck training a Top priority of an athletes training program. Get the head, neck and traps Strong.


Yard Work

If you like to do yard work make sure you have a Pendulum Vertical Chest Press, it makes it more fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

Lowering Risk

It is well known that weaker necks cannot mitigate  accelerations to the head, as well as athletes with stronger necks. This is substantiated in a research study in the Journal of Primary Prevention, Neck strength: a protective factor reducing risk for concussion in...

Getting Ahead of Extension

The tricep brachii is a single muscular unit with three distinct heads: the medial, the lateral and long heads. It functions as a powerful extensor of the upper extremity. Each head has a different fatigue rate and each head becomes...