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Gender Strength Training

A woman working out on a pendulum neck machine

Women, on average, have less muscle strength than men, yet relative to the cross-sectional area of muscle the strength of men and women is nearly equal.

The myth of women becoming too big and bulky lifting weights has been debunked and in general women understand that they like their counterpart benefit from bone and soft-tissue modeling, increased lean body mass, decreased fat, and enhanced self-confidence.  Yet one exercise that remains problematic for many females is training the neck musculature.

The need for acceptance of exercising this area is not just for women in sport.  Female neck training is important for overall physiological development, lowering forces that are related to unexpected trauma, painful conditions that arise from repetitiveness and in some incidences the reduction of headaches.

An example of needing to develop the entire system is found in our technological society where chronic computer related neck pain is common among female office workers and female students.  Studies  have clearly shown progressive resistance strengthening of the neck is an effective method for pain relief and return day to day function of this modality.

Regardless of gender strength training the musculature surrounding the cervical spine is important and should be a part of everyone’s exercise regime.

Flexion on the Pendulum 5- Way Head and Neck Machine


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