To Begin the Program:

Find a weight that you can initially do 8 perfect repetitions with.  The repetition range will be 8-10.

Adding Weight:

When you can achieve 10 repetitions, keeping perfect form, add 5 pounds the next workout.

Get 10 Reps or Do 20reps:

If you do not get 10 reps on your first set you must do as many additional sets as necessary to obtain 20 reps.

When you initially start the program you will be at 8 reps and therefore need 20, so you are 12 reps down. Continue doing sets until you reach 20 reps.  It may look like this after the initial 8 reps -  a set of  5 reps, 3, 2, 1 and 1.

The next workout you are using the same weight to start.  Let's say you achieved 9 reps on this day and need 10,  you must stay at the exercise once again until you obtain a total of 20 repetitions.  Being down 11 reps the sets may be as follows - 6 reps, 3 and 2.

The Goal of 10 Reps is Reached in the First Set:

When you obtain 10 reps on the first set of any given workout day,  just add weight the next training session and go immediately to the next exercise that is listed on your workout program.  It is a one set day.

Training the Incline Press on the
Pendulum Shoulder-Incline