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Get A Grip On Getting Strong

Manual muscle testing, grip and pinch strength dynamometry, intrinsic hand myometers are used to measure the power of the hand. With the correct equipment a wide range of muscle group combinations can be tested, such as the abduction and adduction strength of the little finger and index finger, palmar abduction, opposition strength of the thumb, and the intrinsic muscles of the fingers.

Body size and finger length have a moderate correlation to hand strength, but there are predictable gripping patterns by which combination of fingers contribute to the power of grasping. When analyzing grip strength the use of all five digits results in the greatest power. The next highest measurement is using four fingers without the thumb. The contributions to the total power of your four fingers is approximately 25% with the index finger, 35% with the middle, 25% ring, and 15% with the small finger. It is also known that the ulnar side of the hand contributes a smaller proportion (approximately 40%) of overall grip than the radial side (approximately 60%).

Knowledge of the hand and how fingers and combinations thereof contribute to overall strength helps a coach and trainer increase an athletes power. The Pendulum Power Grip Pro and the Pendulum Grip Cart are functional tools that provide predetermined gripping patterns that maximize hand strength results when training. Get a grip on Getting Strong.

 Pendulum Power Grip Pro

Pendulum Power Grip Pro Pendulum Grip Cart

Pendulum Grip Cart



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