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Get Hip Get Strong

An Immediate Step In Improving Hip Flexibility and Strength                                          

Pendulum Hip Press

The following statement is from a scouting report of a prospective professional football offensive tackle, “He has to work on his knee bend and flexibility to take on the more explosive ends in the NFL.”  Football coaches know that bending at the hips, and staying low while playing is a prerequisite to becoming a great lineman.

The Pendulum Hip Press was designed not only to get you strong, but change the flexibility of your hips during the strengthening process.  When training on the Hip Press and lowering the weight, slightly flair your knees outwards towards your shoulders.  Keep your lower back pressed against the back of the seat pad as you stretch into the bottom position of the leg press. You will find a difference in your hip flexibility in the first 5-6 weeks of training.

Get flexibility and Get Strong.

 Pendulum Hip Press


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