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Get Hip

A man working out on a Pendulum hip press

Hip muscular strength and endurance affects muscular firing patterns and how we move.  Lack of hip strength has been associated with  noncontact anterior cruciate ligament  injuries, patellofemoral pain, balance issues and ankle sprains.  Hip strengthening exercises are important in athletics in modifying the risk factor of sustaining one of these related problems.  The Pendulum Hip Press is designed specifically to develop this complex anatomical area.

Developing Hip Strength on the Pendulum Hip Press


Manual Training Has Rules

In 1979 Manual Resistance was introduced at the National  Strength and Conditioning Convention. Weight training’s ability to enhance athletic performance had become accepted and coaches were beginning to be hired by major sports programs. Facilities everywhere were extremely limited or...

Powerful Hands

The hand is a complex anatomical system. This appendage is composed of twenty seven bones and fifteen joints. Having 30 degrees of rotational and translational freedom it’s able to grasp and apply force to objects of multivarious shapes and sizes....

Getting Back To Normal

The health practitioner’s return-to-play protocol after a concussion, whiplash, nerve or muscle trauma must contain a measurable strength component to restore each muscle to normalcy, redressing this tendency to substitute by the injured athlete.  The athlete, strength coach,  and/or trainer...