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A woman using the pendulum squat pro

A great way to augment exercise is to use Manual Resistance immediately after exiting a training device. This approach to strengthening can further target the muscles involved in the movement. The rules of Manual Resistance are provided in the previous ‘Rogers Blog’.

Example: The Pendulum Squat Pro followed by Manual Outer Thigh.

Begin this routine by doing a set on the Pendulum Squat Pro. The weight you select can be part of your normal fitness routine. If you are doing multiple sets follow the final set of that movement with a manual exercise that further targets the previously trained area.

Manual Outer Thigh following the squat pro

Manual Outer Thigh following the Squat Pro


Rules Matter

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine published the study, Manual Resistance versus Conventional Resistance Training: Impact on Strength and Muscular Endurance in Recreationally Trained Men.The researchers concluded..”these findings provide information for personal trainers or physical therapists, who could apply...

Top Load

The barbell squat is seemingly simple, yet is a complex movement. Coaches and athletes learn and/or teach various training techniques to attain a low position to enhance overall development. The deep squat affects the movement of each joint by the...

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