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Get S.E.T.

Finishing the Repetition in the Up Position

Changing to a partial range of motion can give the lifter a leverage advantage, allowing an athlete to continue moving the same load without removing any weight from the exercise device.

There are numerous current studies that show the positive effects of ‘drop sets’ with resistance training on increasing the muscle cross-sectional area, strength and a reduced overall workout time. Rogers Athletic and Pendulum incorporate the drop set partial movement experience right into their exercise machines with what is referred to as – ‘Set Extension Technology’ – built in quickly adjustable range limiters.

Pendulum Vertical Chest Press
Finishing the Repetition in the Up Position

The following is a Pendulum workout using Set Extension Technology (S.E.T.) Begin the exercise by choosing a weight you can do 10 repetitions with effort. The last repetition is completed in the up position as opposed to returning it to the starting position.

Pendulum Vertical Chest Press

The Set – The lifter chest presses (full range) 10 reps finishing in the ‘up’ lockout position and holds the weight waiting for the spotter to move the S.E.T. Pins.

Movement 2 – Immediately the spotter moves the pin position forward to the next range limiter pin slot, slot #2 on both sides of the machine. The lifter chest presses 2 repetitions and once again finishes in the lockout position.

Movement 3 – While holding the weight in full extension the spotter moves the limiter forward again to slot #3. The lifter chest presses 2 more reps.

Movement 4 – The lifter chest presses 2 more repetitions after the selecting pin is engaged in slot #4, once again finishing with the arms extended.

Movement 5 – Immediately the selector pin is changed to the 5th site and 2 more reps are to be completed. The lifter holds the weight, which will be very difficult and waits until the spotter moves the pin, returning them to hole #1. The weight then is to be lowered as slowly as possible returning it to the original starting position and set down for a slight recovery.

Finisher – Once the weight has been slowly returned to the beginning of the set’ starting position, the lifter will now need to complete 2 regular repetitions at his or her pace to get off the machine. Only when the last two reps are done is the exercise completed.

An exercise only recommended for the trained athlete.

A great way to Get Strong!

Pendulum Vertical Chest Press
Pendulum Vertical Chest Press
Adjusting the Range Limiter



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