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Get S.E.T.

Pendulum equipment

If in excellent shape: Start with weighted dips with a goal of 12 reps.  Once completed with maximum effort, take the weighted belt off and do as many dips as possible. When unable to perform a dip climb to the top position or have someone assist you and lower yourself at an 8 count, repeat until can no longer control your descent.

Dips on the Pendulum Rack Attached Belt Squat

Dips completed – begin chin-ups.  Perform as many chin-ups as possible. Once unable to pull yourself up either climb to the top of the movement or have a spotter assist you.  Lower yourself slowly on an 8 count and repeat. When you are no longer able to control your descent, move to the next exercise.

S.E.T. – Set Extension Technology – Range Limiting Capability Built Into Pendulum Machines

Select a weight you are able to achieve 12 reps with on the Pendulum Vertical Chest.  When unable to complete a repetition move the S.E.T. pin up one notch and shorten the range of motion. This can be done by either having a spotter move the pin or moving the range limiting pin yourself.

Adjusting Range of Motion

The goal is to achieve two repetitions, if a spotter is adjusting the range limiter or four repetitions if you are setting the S.E.T. technology yourself.  Setting the range of motion without assistance means that you are temporarily leaving the seat. Either way that this is done, it normally requires rest between reps as the task to accomplish further repetitions will be difficult.

You must achieve the designated number of reps at each pin setting. Continue the process until you reach the last range of motion.  Once completed return the weight to the starting position and you will need three reps to leave the machine.


Grip Force

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Freedom To Excel

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