It Is Only 110 Yards


DB-10x:16  sec
     1:10 rest

WR -10 x :16 sec
     1:10 rest

RB - 10 x : 16 sec
      1:10 rest

LB - 10 x :18 sec
      1:12 rest   

TE - 10 x :18 sec
      1:12 rest

QB - 10 x :18 sec
      1:12 rest

DL - 10 X :20 sec
      1:14 rest

OL - 10 x :21 sec
       1:15 rest

From the edge of the field, sprint 110 yards in the above time designated by your football position. If you are an O Lineman you are expected to cover 110 yards in 21 seconds with one minute and fifteen seconds rest between each sprint. Once you cross the goal line your allotted rest begins. You must immediately turn and jog back to the 20 yard line closest to your starting point. This means you are returning approximately 80 yards on a jog and are only to walk from the 20 yard line to the starting point of the next sprint. You are allowed to walk from the twenty back to the edge of the field as long as you start your next run exactly on time. Your goal is to make all ten sprints on or under your given time. 

                   Drive Sled