Hand-grip strength is an indicator of overall strength and can be a limiting factor in a sport that requires grasping opponents and/or objects to become successful.

The interaction between the hands, fingers and the application of force is significant. Each finger has a different optimal grip span for exerting maximum force. The force-producing ability of the hands are influenced by the grip type and the diameter of the grasp. What is held influences finger force sharing, particularly of the index and the little fingers.

Training the hands to maximize their capabilities requires using a variety of implements to address the multiple ways we latch on to objects. The Pendulum Grip Cart provides these dynamical hand postures that we utilize by providing tools to maximize the strength of the power grip, hook grip, precision grip, pinch grip, abductors and adductors.

Add grip carts to your facility and change the overall strength of your athletes. Get the hands Strong.

Ohio State University Grip Strength Cart
Ohio State University Grip Strength Cart
The Ohio State Buckeyes Pendulum Grip Cart